More power on MetaTrader

A full suite of tools enhancing the MetaTrader platform’s power, MT4 & MT5 Genesis works on Forex, Indices, and Commodities.

With over 10 years of providing MetaTrader to traders around the globe, we’ve selected key add-ons which can greatly benefit our clients in placing trades, managing risk and finding new opportunities.

Advantages of upgrading to MT4 & MT5 Genesis:

  •         Employ a professional suite of add-ons to enhance your experience
  •         Use of the sophisticated order management system
  •         Receive alerts and never miss a trading opportunity
  •         Get insights and monitor market sentiment

MT4 & MT5 Genesis are a suite of Expert Advisors (EAs), easily applied to your MetaTrader trading account. Upgrade your MetaTrader trading experience today.

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MT4 & 5 Genesis key features:

Terminal Window: manage your trades and trading account easily

Mini Terminal: access trade management tools directly from your charts

Sentiment Indicator: get market insights and track market sentiment

Correlation Trader: spot new opportunities and reduce money management errors

Session Map: interactive tool means you’ll never miss the start of a session

Market Manager: keep trades in view while running other tasks and applications

Alarm Manager: powerful trade notification tool can also trade automatically

Correlation Matrix: visualise correlation scores and pattern strengths without separate spreadsheets